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  • Restlessly bringing about real estate products and services that fit the needs of the Corporation’s target customers at reasonable and competitive prices; and
  • Working ceaselessly towards continuous quality improvement aligned with affordability by intensively invested R&D activities; and
  • Implementing the latest automated and computerized mechanisms to maximize management’s effectiveness and efficiency; and
  • Creating employment opportunities with self-actualization characterized by job security, performance-based remuneration and promotion, frequent professional training and education, as well as a hassle-free and fair work environment in order to optimize employees’ productivity and encourage commitment; and
  • Upholding, for all time, transparency and accountability as regards finance and business conduct to consumers, investors, employees, regulators, and other related stakeholders in full compliance with the law and regulations in force; and
  • Creating long-term values for shareholders by investing in appropriately lucrative projects while maintaining strict risk management and internal control.