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Generality Cho Lon Real Estate Corporation

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The inception of CHO LON REAL ESTATE CORPORATION (“the Corporation”) is derived from the privatization of the state-owned Construction and Housing Services Company of District 8 sanctioned by the People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City in December 2003. 


However, the Corporation can justifiably take pride in its long established operation which traces its origin further back to the 1990s when the Construction and Housing Services Company of District 8 was formed by the merger of the two state-run entities being the Housing Construction and Maintenance Factory and the Housing Management and Development Enterprise of District 8; and then became an affiliate to Sai Gon Real Estate Holdings Company in June 1998.


Over such two decades of growth, the Corporation has significantly contributed to the development the real estate sector and urbanization of Ho Chi Minh City in general and of District 8 in particular manifested by numerous residential clusters including Rach Ong Residence, Bui Minh Truc Section, Xom Dam Section, Binh Dang Section, and so on. The list of achievements as such has continued to go on, comfortably serving the rising need for housing of civilians localities in subject matter.

On 14 June 2007, the Corporation got listed on Ha Noi Exchange under the symbol RCL, having been the 87th publicly listed stock on this exchange with 1.5 million outstanding shares and represented by then one of a few progenitors from the real estate sector.

In parallel with business conduct, the Corporation has kept abreast for all time its care for social responsibility embodied by several projects and campaigns addressing housing issues of the unprivileged as well as the elderly citizens who devoted to the victory of and suffered losses from the Vietnam War, and other public service facilities.

To honor such contribution to the society over the last 20 years, the Government has awarded the Corporation with a great deal of recognition including the Medals of Labor and other records of honor. The Corporation also won the trophy for top 50 Vietnamese brands in compliance with intellectual property standards set by WTO in 2008, Certificate of Top 10 Vietnamese Brands for WTO Accession, Vietnam’s Gold Star Award 2009, and so forth.

Scope of business

  • Construction of civil and residential buildings
  • Manufacturing and trading of construction materials
  • Architectural designing for internal service (no contractor design service)
  • Site reclamation
  • Construction of residential, industrial, and infrastructure buildings
  • Project management consultancy service for residential buildings in Group B and C
  • Master plan design service for residential buildings and industrial zones
  • Preparing existing site drawings of properties

RCL- Binh Dong Tower